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I seem to have scored a first:


Thanks to the kindly folks at SF Revu!

I've been told by Infinity Plus Books supremo Keith Brooke that I may distribute PDFs to people who'd like to review the book, whether in orthodox venues or on their blogs. Just gimme a yell.
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I've been up to my eyes trying to get Denying Science finished, and therefore not posting here much -- not doing anything much, really, except batter away at the keyboard and panic.

One thing I haven't reported is that my 2004 story collection Take No Prisoners has been reissued for Kindle by Infinity Plus Ebooks. I'll put the Product Description below the fold for them as might be interested.

This morning I had a note from Infinity Plus supremo Keith Brooke to say Take No Prisoners was at #6 on the Amazon bestseller list in the Fantasy Anthologies category. Astonishingly, this proved actually to be true . . . although when I checked the link just now I discovered it had slipped to #7; someone must have returned their copy in disgust, or something.

I must make sure all my future book covers bear the words AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR. Big. In gold foil lettering. And embossed.

Read all about it! )

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Here's a press release I received today, and it has a morsel of exciting news (more later) about


embedded within it:

Announcing the new infinity plus ebook imprint

December 2010:

The infinity plus ebook imprint launches with six titles:

  • The Angels of Life and Death by Eric Brown, a new collection of short fiction
  • the collected short fiction of Keith Brooke, in five volumes (Liberty Spin, Embrace, Faking It, Segue and Memesis),  with two original stories and specially written afterwords for each story

Each book is available in the Kindle ebook format, priced $3.44 / £2.18. Covers for the first six books are by Dominic Harman and Debbie Nicholson. Soon to follow the launch titles will be books from Eric Brown, John Grant, Anna Tambour, Molly Brown, Garry Kilworth and others.

Founder of infinity plus, Keith Brooke, says: "We settled on the Kindle format because it has emerged as a market leader and we want to test the market. If the infinity plus ebook imprint proves to be viable we'll move into other ebook formats and possibly even good old-fashioned hard copy publishing. We'll also be putting out work by other authors who have been associated with infinity plus over the years, publishing new books and making older titles available again."

Last Christmas the Kindle was the number one bestselling item at, and sales are set to be far greater this Christmas. Kindle ebooks can also be read on PCs, Macs, smart phones and other devices.

About infinity plus:

  • infinity plus is a science fiction, fantasy and horror showcase that ran from 1997 to 2007 and remains online as an archive
  • the site holds more than 2.1 million words of fiction, 1000 book reviews and 100 interviews
  • authors featured on the site include Stephen Baxter, Mary Gentle, Peter F Hamilton, Gwyneth Jones, Vonda N McIntyre, Michael Moorcock, Kim Stanley Robinson, Lucius Shepard, Michael Swanwick, Jack Vance, Connie Willis and Gene Wolfe
  • there have been three infinity plus print anthologies
  • Praise for infinity plus:
  • "looks great. And it's good to find quality fiction on the web" (Ellen Datlow)
  • "one of the Internet's most valuable resources for intelligent science fiction of high literary quality" (Gardner Dozois)
  • "the best place for genre fiction on the web" (SFX)
  • "first-rate" (Locus Online)

Further information:

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. . . until the bidding closes on the signed copy of my story collection Take No Prisoners I put into the [ profile] adoptingcat auction -- the community auction some brave souls have mounted to help the estimable but broke writer Cat Valente ([personal profile] catvalente) out of the appalling financial straits into which the economic downturn has plunged her and her fiancee.

My humble effort is here. But if you're reading this too late, or if anyway the prospect of owning a copy of Take No Prisoners makes you gag with all the vigor of one discovering the book someone left most of behind in the lavatory is by Sean Hannity, there are plenty of other goodies on offer -- so hurry over to [ profile] adoptingcat right now, d'you hear?

What are you waiting for?


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This'll be quick because I'm up to my eyes in (today) antigravity drives that have been back-engineered from the crashed saucers at Roswell -- I kid you not. Oh, dear.

Anyway, the Shirley Jackson Awards Lottery, which helps fund the eponymous awards, has opened! Lots of shiny things you can win, donated by publishers, authors and generous fans like the excellent [ profile] sarcobatus.

Secure in the knowledge that I'll never have a conflict-of-interest problem here, I've donated signed copies of my satirical novel The Dragons of Manhattan (which Fantasy BookSpot didn't think was a very good dragon fantasy, oh my, although others have made with the cries of "Orwell" and "Carroll" and "Swift") and my story collection Take No Prisoners; for reasons I don't understand, they've been offered as a single lot -- perhaps on the principle that no one in their right minds would pay as much as a dollar for one of my books on its own. I also see the books are listed as having been written and donated by "ohn Grant", which is about par for the course of my life at the moment.

Anyway, hurry over there, bid for lots of stuff, and if they're my books that you win I'll even, if requested, add a few kissy-marks when I sign them for you!
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Here's the offer I posted last night at the [ profile] helpvera site.


On offer are five signed and inscribed (or unsigned should you prefer; please state) copies of my story collection Take No Prisoners, published in 2004 as a trade paperback by Willowgate Press and with a spiffy cover by Audre Vysniauskas:


Of this collection, John Clute wrote:

Do not open this book until you are prepared to dive in and forget the day. The worlds of John Grant are harsh, interconnected, florid, fluent, fun; and, more than all of that, they are generous. His tales are long and full. And his characters [. . .] they live at full stretch, because John Grant gives each of them his own contentious, passionate, loving heart. Read and weep; read and laugh; but don't begin to read until you are ready for a long joy.

In The Third Alternative Peter Tennant commented at the end of a long and exceptionally glowing review:

John Grant does indeed take no prisoners with this collection of fine stories, but readers could do far worse than to allow themselves to be captivated by his vivid imagination and dazzling prose.

And in SF Revu Edward Carmien concluded:

These stories of literary fantasy all share the power to draw you along, watching their detail emerge and wondering what lies around the next corner, the next page.

There was also a jolly nice (and long) review of the book in Locus by Rich Horton, but I can't now find my copy of it. 

For a final plaudit, just look at that strapline on the front cover pictured above . . .

Whatever, I'm offering five signed copies of the book for $10.00 apiece -- that's the Buy It Now price. I'll ship for free within the continental US and at cost abroad.


If interested, here's the page to start at. If interested in better stuff than any humble offering of mine (or if you just want to make a donation to help Vera Nazarian out of the ghastly hole she's in), go to the main [ profile] helpvera page and start there.
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Over at, the extraordinarily perceptive, wonderfully erudite [profile] thisplacehere (David Hebblethwaite) has suddenly popped up with a review of my 2004 story collection Take No Prisoners. I quote in part:

And what do I think of Take No Prisoners? Absolutely loved it. Grant writes fantasy in the broadest sense: in this book, you'll find tales of high fantasy; fantasy that looks like science fiction (which, the author has argued, is really a subset of fantasy anway); comic stories; and fantasy based in the contemporary world (or versions thereof). In all this variety, the main characteristics of Grant's work are, perhaps, an ear for -- and facility with -- language; and an eagerness to turn reality (and the conventions of fantasy) on its head.

I am, naturally, very pleased about this!

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