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I've just signed the contract with Infinity Plus Ebooks for the reissue in ebook format of my short novel Qinmeartha and the Girl-Child LoChi, which was first published in 2002 as half of a "double" (the other half being Colin Wilson's The Tomb of the Old Ones) although written some years before that.

As an added bonus, the ebook will contain also my novella "The Beach of the Drowned", which was first published a couple of years ago in Dave Hutchinson's bumper anthology Under the Rose.

Things move quickly in the ebook world! I gather publication in the first format, Kindle, should be achieved by next week, possibly even sooner. The "cover" is already being finalized; I'll post a copy here when I can -- plus a link, you betcha.

Meanwhile, it seems the Infinity Plus edition of my collection Take No Prisoners is continuing to do well.

I'm hoping to have some more ebook news shortly . . .

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As with most authors, I have a system of Google Alerts set up to keep an eye out for reviews of my recent books, of anthologies in which I have a contribution, etc. One of the latter is Dave Hutchinson's (
[info]hutch0's) ambitious anthology Under the Rose, published late last year by the excellent Norilana Books ([info]norilanabooks).

Sometimes the results of the Google Alerts can be . . . unexpected, like this morning's offering:

Google Web Alert for: +hutchinson +"under the rose"

The Bulletin of Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Harris, Marta Hernandez, John Hilinski, Lucille Hill, Dorothy Hutchinson, .... directly under the rose window indicating that it was probably a rather ...

Drawing board. Back. To it.

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I have stories appearing later this year in two anthologies published by [ profile] norilanabooks. The first of these is Under the Rose, edited by Dave Hutchinson ([ profile] hutch0), and this morning I saw the cover mockup for the book:

under the rose 1st mockup

The other is Sky Whales and Other Wonders, edited by Vera Nazarian ([ profile] norilana). I posted the partial cover image a while ago; now the border has been completed, and there's only the lettering to come:

sky whales 2nd mockup

Needless to say, I'm chuffed to be in two such handsome vols!

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And, no, I'm not talking about a [ profile] lotusvine-like adventure under the ceiling-rose, but about the new anthology edited by Dave Hutchinson ([ profile] hutch0) that Norilana Books ([ profile] norilanabooks) will be publishing in October. After many an entreaty and oft, the doughty editor has supplied me with a copy of the ToC:

Plant Hunter – Pauline E. Dungate
Office Job – Tim Lieder
Five Hundred Vinnies – William John Watkins
Perambulations – Mel Sterling
Chain Letter, Inc. – Jean Graham
Side Effects – Ken Rand
Dragon Bait – Teri Smith
Indian Summer – Liza Granville
Galactic Exchange – Ralan Conley
Mrs Donovan – Stuart Jaffe
The Man Who Pulled Shiny Things out of the Air – C.L. Russo
Mother Russia’s Egg – James Targett
Miss – Ren Holton
Fool’s Gold – Donna Scott
A Distant Scent of Rain – Justin Stanchfield
Sojourner – Lou Anders and Chris Roberson
The Outsider – Ian Whates
Eaten Cold – Gaie Sebold
California Fairy Story – Jean Tschohl Quinn
The Day New York Reached Heaven – Angel Arango
The Tale of a More Ancient, Ancient Mariner – Liza Granville.
Sagekites’ Land – E Sedia
When Whales Cry – Edwina Harvey
Tricky Penny Pound – Sarah Totton
Mary Nackley – William R. Eakin
Yeast Virus – Uncle River
The Beach Of The Drowned – John Grant

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A couple of bits of Anthologies News have come in from two different sources over the past few days -- I stress the "two different sources" aspect because the news items share much in common.

First off, Vera Nazarian's ([ profile] norilana's) much heralded anthology Sky Whales and Other Wonders now has a firm publication date of December 2009. Among the authors in the line-up are Tanith Lee, Anna Tambour, Erzebet YellowBoy, Linda J. Dunn, Sonya Taaffe, Mary A. Turzillo, Mike Allen ([profile] time_shark) and, er, me. The story in question of mine is "Breaking Laws", an attempt to deconstruct -- as it were -- urban fantasy. I love this story to pieces, and very luckily Vera likes it too!

Vera passed along a preliminary cover visual for Sky Whales and Other Wonders. Done by Ahyicodae, this apparently still lacks a decorative cartographical border. It looks pretty stunning nonetheless, in my opinion:


A couple of days later I heard from Dave Hutchinson ([ profile] hutch0) about a quite different anthology in which I have a story, the story being my short novella "The Beach of the Drowned" (another personal favourite) and the anthology being what was once called New Writings in the Fantastic #2 but had to be retitled when Pendragon Press, publisher of New Writings in the Fantastic (which I edited), declared an indefinite moratorium on new releases in response to the economic climate. Now called Under the Rose, the book is -- like Sky Whales and Other Wonders -- to be released by Norilana Books ([ profile] norilanabooks); it's scheduled for October. I'm not sure who the other authors are in the ToC; as soon as I find out I'll add the info.

Meanwhile, I have to prepare myself to have my carotid arteries ultrasounded this morning -- their annual checkup. This is by no means as much fun as it might seem, since it involves someone sticking a blunt object very, very firmly into sensitive bits of my neck for protracted periods. Still, it's definitely better than my ultrasounding experience last fall, when one of the stenting wounds was causing problems and consequently what was being ultrasounded was my groin. It makes me limp just to think about it . . .

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My friend and fellow-author Dave Hutchinson ( has told me that I should start myself a Live Journal and thereby get with it, join the smart set, look cool, be a babe magnet, etc. So here I am testing the system to see if I can master the technology ...

Who am I? Ignoring centuries of philosophy, perhaps the simplest way to answer would be to paste in (assuming I can find a copy) the latest-ish version of my standard biographical blurb, as supplied to luckless publishers and readers:


JOHN GRANT (real name Paul Barnett) is the author of about 70 books. His The Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters, currently in its third edition, is regarded as the standard work in its field. As co-editor with John Clute of The Encyclopedia of Fantasy he received the Hugo, the World Fantasy Award and several other international awards. As managing editor of the Clute/Nicholls Encyclopedia of Science Fiction he shared a rare British Science Fiction Association Special Award, the first to be given in 17 years. He received a second Hugo in 2004 for The Chesley Awards: A Retrospective (done with Elizabeth Humphrey and Pamela D. Scoville).
Under his own name he was until 2003 Commissioning Editor of Paper Tiger, the world's leading publisher of fantasy art books; he received the 2002 Chesley Award for his work with Paper Tiger. He was until recently the US Reviews Editor of Infinity Plus and is a Consultant Editor to AAPPL (Artists' & Photographers' Press Ltd).
Recently published major books, all as John Grant, include Masters of Animation, the "book-length fictions" Dragonhenge (illustrated by Bob Eggleton and shortlisted for a 2003 Hugo Award) and its "sequel" The Stardragons, the novel The Far-Enough Window, the story collection Take No Prisoners, the children's book Life-Size Dragons (illustrated by Fred Gambino), the anthology New Writings in the Fantastic, and two books on the history of science, Discarded Science and Corrupted Science. He has just finished (1) a wildly experimental mosaic novel eviscerating the Bush Administration and (2) a cute children's book, and is currently at work on a book about film noir and, with his other hand, a further history-of-science book.


That seems to be more than enough to put into this first experimental foray ...

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