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Steve Upham of Screaming Dreams Press, publisher of my novel The Dragons of Manhattan and some other books, has announced his annual Dead of Night Awards for stuff that's appeared in his excellent ezine Estronomicon.

And YOU can vote! To quote Steve:

To vote, simply e-mail me at the usual address with your choices. The
deadline is 1st March 2009 and the winners will be announced shortly

(please choose ONE only)

Michael Kelly
Bob Lock
Ian Hunter
Charlotte Bond
Marie O'Regan
Paul Kane
David A. Sutton
Stephen Bacon
Chris Morris
A.J. Brown
S. Copperstone
Sean Woodward
Joseph Freeman
Tony Richards
Charles Black
Neil Davies
Lee Moan
Mark Howard Jones
Hugh MacDonald
Mark Brassington
Paul L. Mathews
Mark Lewis
John T. Carney
Andrew Marshall
Chris Morris
Neil Burlington
Robin James Hutton
David Gatward
J.W. Bennett
Gregory Hall
Sean Parker
Ian Cordingley

(please choose ONE only)

Alan M. Clark
Ben Baldwin
Vincent Chong
Anne Stokes
David A. Hardy
Marilynn Flynn
Joe Tucciarone
Les Edwards
Edward Miller

The "usual address" Steve mentions is given here (click "Contact" at top right).

If you haven't been receiving Estronomicon, subscription and back issues are FREEEEEEE. Go here again but this time select "Estronomicon eZine" from the column on the left.

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The new edition of Steve Upham's FREEEEEEEEE e-zine Estronomicon is now out, and can be downloaded as a PDF in all its 67-page illustrated glory from here.

Stories and stuff are by Tony Richards, Geoff Nelder, Stephen Bacon, Charles Black, Neil Davies, Paul Kane, Marie O'Regan and the ever wonderful Allyson Bird -- whom Pam and I had the very considerable pleasure of meeting for the first time, albeit far too briefly, at this year's FantasyCon in Nottingham, UK.

Indeed, this issue of Estronomicon is a sort of FantasyCon special; of the issue's many attractions, perhaps most notable of all is the section focusing on the art of British Fantasy Award-winning artist Vincent Chong, whose recent covers include this one for my own The City in These Pages. (See? You knew I'd get in something egobooish somewhere sooner or later, didn't you? And I didn't wish to disappoint.)

Quite how Steve, whose Screaming Dreams Press published my novel The Dragons of Manhattan earlier this year (there! -- that's two bits of egoboo!), manages to pull such distinguished contributors to Estronomicon time after time after time is a mystery to me, especially since it's a free 'zine. Whatever, signing up for a subscription is much to be recommended.

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