Feb. 10th, 2013

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Dang! There goes another potential film noir plot down the drain. It's happening in real life.

The Beeb has the full story; here's the start of it:

Twins' DNA hinders France sexual assault investigation

Police who are investigating a series of sexual assaults in the southern French city of Marseille have arrested identical twin brothers.

The 24-year-old unemployed delivery drivers, named locally as Elwin and Yohan, were placed under investigation on Friday.

Officers say they are sure that one of the two men carried out the attacks, but that they do not know which.

Standard DNA tests are unable to differentiate between their DNA.

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Someone's put up on YouTube a version of The Four Seasons (here described as Forma Antiqva) that's very exciting indeed. I'm not sure if the posting is legal or how long it'll stay there: you might want to check it out while you still can.

Even more exciting is the piece composer Max Richter has created called Vivaldi Reimagined. I heard one of the movements on the NPR site before Christmas and raved about it to friends, some of whom have since reported they bought Richter's CD. And now NPR has put up on its site an HD live recording of the piece, along with some of Richter's other music.

If you enjoy Vivaldi at all, you really owe it to yourself to at least sample these pieces, and ideally listen to them both in their entirety with the Volume Turned Up Very Loud.

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