Nov. 3rd, 2012

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Here's the round-robin note I sent out to friends and family this morning:

Tuesday morning: We have power, which is unexpected (about 90% of the state is out), but no internet access (which means no phones either). We trogged out to the public library a little while ago to see if we could email from there, but it, like just about everywhere else, was closed. We can tell that the internet folk are trying to get us reconnected -- there are constant signals from my computer of a change in "connectivity status" -- so I'm typing this now ready to send as soon as we're back online.

Unless the hurricane takes a second stab at us, which is just feasible given its predicted path, we've come through unscathed, so far as we can tell. A couple of minor trees have come down at some distance from the house. The back porch, miraculously, hasn't. Much of the yard is ankle-deep in fallen leaves. But it's all small stuff. We do face the intimidating task of eating our way through all the emergency supplies we laid in . . .

Tuesday midnight: Still no internet/email. Withdrawal symptoms becoming acute.

Wednesday morning: This is getting grim. No access to the IMDB! Or the BBC! We've learned from friends that we're among a mere 90 or so to have power of all the NJ homes served by our electricity company. We are very fortunate! We're of course using as little as we can of that power.

Wednesday evening: There's a guy from the cable company due tomorrow, hopefully to get us connected.

Thursday: Cable Guy didn't turn up. Pam plans to be at the cable company's office at 9am tomorrow asking where the heck (I paraphrase) Cable Guy was. Be thankful you don't work at our cable company's office.

Friday: Still nothing.

Saturday: Oh joy! We have the internet -- at least for a while. So you're getting this.

In other news, it may be ten days or longer 'til most local residents get power back; put another way, this means the result of the upcoming election could be decided by Hurricane Sandy. The option of postponing the election for a month or so to ensure everyone can vote, and that their vote will be counted, is apparently not even being considered. Democracy, it seems, happens by magic.

All best and/or love (you know who you are).

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