Sep. 24th, 2012

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. . . is the headline at Daily Kos, where Joan McCarter expands upon the issue.

Unemployment among veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq adventures is substantially higher
(over 40% higher) than the national average, at ~11%. The bill, which was bipartisan, was designed to try to redress that through various measures.

Since the Republicans are desirous that our lots should be as miserable as possible in the lead-up to November's election, they voted to kill the bill. Their calculation is that, the more hardship people suffer, the more likely they are to blame Obama and vote Republican. It's a strategy that makes the assumption that voters are extremely stupid and/or illiterate.

But the bit that really gets to me is this. Obama has mentioned the bill as an example of how people on both sides of the political divide can do good things if they work together.

So four of the bill's Republican co-sponsors voted against the very bill they had helped to write. How puerile and petty can you get?

It seems you can take the Republican legislator out of the 3rd Grade but you can't take the 3rd Grade out of the Republican legislator . . .

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