Feb. 18th, 2012

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There's an article with this title by Emily at The Biology Files that's essential reading. It begins:

Can I just say "thank you" to the GOP for reminding me in the last few weeks how very, very little some men think of women? I'd gotten pretty comfortable there, walking here and there with my ovaries and uterus, brazenly exposing my ankles and even sometimes my knees to the light, boldly driving around alone, my head uncovered and my torso uncorseted. Thinking, like a fool, that I am, here in 2012, a fully 100% citizen and human being in this great nation of ours, someone on par with people who have penises and testes, perhaps some hair on their chests. You know, someone whose full control over her body and her mind is never in question, whose choices about when to have sex and with whom are her own, whose choices about when to bear children and when not to are her own, whose right to have a violation of her body considered a criminal offense is a right retained.

It is shameful that, in the 21st century, such articles should be necessary in any country, far less one that proudly attaches the term "developed" to its self-description.

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. . . there's a review by Trent Walters just gone up at the SF Site of several of the "Infinity Plus Singles" ebook series, including my own "The Life Business". Walters's take on this strikes me as admirable:

Even better is how there's a promise that probably ought not to have been kept. This dark mystery is highly recommended.

This is, I say, what literary criticism should be all about. I have to admit that I, too, love the story a lot: it's one of those where I feel I got things right. The story has had some other good reviews, which is pleasing; I always feel pretty guilty when stories I don't myself think quite hit the spot get lauded.

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