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While doing some rationalization of my e-mail files I came across a review of my novel The Dragons of Manhattan that was sent to me at the start of the year -- on New Year's Day itself, in fact -- but which I wasn't allowed to crow about publicly at the time because it had yet to appear in print. So I put it to one side with a smug smile, and . . .

Well, I blame my publisher for not reminding me when the embargo was lifted.

The reviewer was Adam J. Shardlow and the venue was the British Fantasy Society publication Prism, and here are the most perceptive bits

. . . a political satire, part surreal fantasy reminiscent of Swift with a sharp humorous streak akin to the early work of S.J. Perelman.

In an America not unlike the one beloved of left wing journalism, brain challenged President Alfie Sedoma is being controlled by a media shy and wealthy business autocrat called Buster Maltravis, a Wall St. tycoon who also happens to be an ancient dragon with a taste for virgins. Across town the unsuccessful editor turned private eye Norris Gonfalcon is hired by a mysterious father and daughter duo to investigate the old lizard. Thrown into this mix is a stoned hippy Avatar, a pie-eyed religious fundamentalist with his own personal arsenal, a couple of ditzy and frankly dubious virgins, a foul mouthed copy editor and a man named James.

Grant has great fun lampooning America's current administration
[i.e., the Bush Administration] with no love spared for the existing inhabitant of the White House [i.e., Il Buce], big business politics, American nationalism, the NRA, the CIA or the Second Amendment, he has created a rich fantasy tableaux where the jokes come thick and fast. A refreshing and unique approach to the genre that allows the author to get it all off his chest.

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Steve Upham, whose Screaming Dreams Press published my novel The Dragons of Manhattan last year, has just forwarded me a review of it by Adam J. Shardlow that was sent to him on an advance-sneak-peek basis from the British Fantasy Society, in one of whose publications the review's going to appear.

Because of its current status I obviously can't quote the piece publicly, but I think I can honourably disclose that it's extremely favourable; there's some singing and dancing going on here in Snarl Towers. Certainly this is an extremely jolly way to start the new year, oh yes!

It's not every day of the week that I get compared in the same sentence to Jonathan Swift and S.J. Perelman . . .

great news!

Aug. 5th, 2008 12:21 pm
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I've just heard that Steve Upham of Screaming Dreams Press, who had a heart attack a few weeks ago, is now home from hospital and recuperating. This is a huge weight off my shoulders, and I'm sure off the shoulders of all of Steve's friends all over the world -- of whom there are, as you'd expect, many.
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Steve Upham, publisher of Screaming Dreams Press (which has just issued my novel The Dragons of Manhattan) and the ezine Estronomicon, had a heart attack on Monday and is currently in hospital. If you'd like to send a card or whatever, the address is

Coronary Care Ward
Prince Charles Hospital
Merthyr Tydfil
Mid Glamorgan
CF47 9DT

For those who've not had the pleasure of meeting Steve, he's one of the nicest and most modest guys you could ever hope to come across. I'm hoping he makes a rapid recovery -- he's young enough that he should be able to do so -- and is soon back to his usual self.

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